Don't leave money on the table!

If you are that someone who has been sitting on the sidelines of IPS watching other photographers make the switch, this course is for you. I hear constantly from other photographers that they are scared to switch to IPS for fear of losing their shoot and burn clients. If this resonates with you, then you are the person that needs to to watch this course. This course is going to teach you how to STOP LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE! It will teach you how to sell product to your now shoot and burn clients, and how to switch them to follow you over to the IPS system! We will go over product and pricing, how to speak on the phone and role play the sales session itself. This is a proven system I have seen work with past mentor clients.

In this course:

  • Learn the essentials of getting started fast.

  • Learn how to talk to your clients on the phone and get them excited and involved in the IPS system

  • Learn the step by step process of the sales session

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Start IPS with Shoot & Burn Clients

    • Video 1

    • Course Handout

  • 2

    Get Your Clients Excited About Buying Products

    • Video 2

  • 3

    Step-by-Step Sales Process

    • Video 3


Erin Martin

Erin is a successful full time professional photographer who switched to IPS herself just 3 years ago. She went from a $250 shoot and burn average to a 2k average and a 6 figure business in 2 years. Erin specialized in studio portrait work, from maternity and newborn to family and glamour. If you value the portrait, your clients will value the portrait. Her husband has now left his job to join her and grow the portrait business. She is excited to share her tricks and tips in real time as she grows.

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