How can you up your client experience game?

Join JoAnne and Jason Marino as they walk you through the process that took them from keeping up with the Joneses, to being the Joneses.

 They'll share all of the tips that helped turn their business into a six figure power house, and you can do the same for yours.

In this course you will learn:

  • About same day reveals for making sales

  • How to find your clients' why

  • About making connections that keep clients coming back

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Finding your clients' why

    • Module 1 Video

    • Module 1 download

  • 2

    Slaying the shoot

    • Module 2 Video

    • Module 2 download

  • 3

    Same day reveals for amazing sales

    • Module 3 Video

    • Module 3 download

  • 4

    Making connections that last

    • Module 4 Video

    • Module 4 download


JoAnne & Jason Marino

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