Webinar Series

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Facebook Groups with Christina Jandali

    • Facebook Groups

  • 2

    IPS Q&A with Rachael Boer

    • IPS Q&A

  • 3

    Insurance for Professional Photographers with Howard Burkholz

    • Insurance for Professional Photographers

  • 4

    Ask a CPA

    • Ask a CPA

  • 5

    Big Profits with Wall Collections with Andrew Funderburg

    • How to Create Big Profits with Wall Collections

  • 6

    IPS Weddings with Joey Thomas

    • An overview of wedding IPS

  • 7

    Using an iPad in IPS

    • IPS with an iPad and Wall Display Guides

  • 8

    The Importance of a Great workflow with Pixifi

    • Workflow

  • 9

    Creating a Pricing Menu that Really Works with Whitney & David Scott

    • Creating a Pricing Menu That Works

  • 10

    Social Media Masterclass

    • Social Media Masterclass

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