The Scotts are back!

Do in-person sales freak you out just a little bit? Do you ever feel like it would be easier if you were a little more outgoing? Or could be more persuasive? Or just shut up sometimes? 

The truth is, we all have areas where we are strong and areas where we're weak. The key is knowing how to downplay the weaknesses and focus on strengths.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to predict your clients buying behaviors so you can make the sales process smooth

  • To identify your personality type and make it work for you

  • How to figure out your clients' personality types



David and Whitney Scott’s Deep Marketing video really resonated with me. This type of relationship based approach was what I was missing in my market. I was at a loss for specific strategies that I fell really aligned with my brand. The information in their class provided me with the resources I need to feel confident and approaching business owners without feeling slimy. I met with one business on Saturday and I met with a second business owner this afternoon. Both resulted in enthusiastic exchange of ideas and agreements to work together. I feel like I really am making friends and it feels great. Wow!! If this is marketing, I love it! Thank you so much for sharing what you know and dude, and trust me, I'm going to pay it for!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Overview of the Different Types of Personalities

    • Video 1

    • Course Handout

  • 2

    How Your Personality Type Affects You as an Entrepreneur

    • Video 2

  • 3

    How Personality Types Affect the Actual Sales Room

    • Video 3

  • 4

    How to Identify Client's Personality Types

    • Video 4


David & Whitney Scott

Whitney Scott Photography is a high-end studio based in Northwest Arkansas specializing in emotion-filled relational portraiture for families, children & seniors.  David and Whitney Scott are not only award-winning photographers, but also popular speakers and teachers, educating beginners locally and professionals nationally.  They recently opened a second business, Whimsy Studio – which specializes in volume children’s portraiture.  All that aside, they are really just two dorks in love… doing what they love. 

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